The Authority On Child Safety

The Authority On Child Safety - Authors Interviewed

The authors of the highly anticipated book “The Authority On Child Safety” sit down to talk about their new book and why they are so passionate about the cause of protecting children. This book skyrocketed to #1 on within 48 hours in the “Personal Safety” and “Health” categories.


“ As a surviving parent and President of the Somer Thompson
Foundation, I know there is a great need to talk with our children
about their personal safety. This book will provide parents with a
starting point on how to begin this important dialogue at home.
Every parent should read this book and take the steps necessary
to help better protect their children.”
Diena Thompson,
President of The Somer Thompson Foundation

“This book gives great advice on how to talk to your children about safety.
It doesn’t just TALK about safety, it gives you interactive drills to do with
your children.” – M. Pierce

“Every parent, or anyone who has children in their life, must read this
book!” – Robert

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